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Looking After You Initiative

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Lockdown 3.0

Being at home 24/7 presents challenges, and although we're all very used to it by now, we're not necessarily doing it as well as we could. By bringing in a sense of routine, plus adding mindful moments throughout the day, we can lift our moods and energy levels.

Mindfulness isn't just about paying attention to the present moment, it's also about acceptance - allowing things to be as they are, and self-compassion - acknowledging when things are tough.

Here are some top tips to try...

Even on the most stressful days (and arguably, particularly on the most stressful days), incorporate some of these tips, and see if they make you feel calmer. Sometimes, slowing down is the key to increased effectiveness, so don't be afraid to try it.

1. If you find yourself working from home. Create a harmonious work environment. Outer order helps to create inner harmony. Each evening, devote five minutes to creating a tidy workspace. Throughout the day, keep curtains and blinds open to make use of any daylight, and take a minute now and then to look outside.

2. Focus the mind. If your mind is full of worries, try to focus on the things you can control. Don't ask 'what if?', ask yourself 'what can I do?'. If your mind falls back to thinking of things outside of your control, walk away from your desk and give yourself a positive, intentional distraction.

3. Create micro mindful moments, throughout the day. Plan three, five minute slots in your day and devote these to mindfulness activities which work for you. Perhaps massage in some hand balm with a soothing scent, play a favourite piece of music, or simply sit away from your desk and close your eyes.

4. Communicate. Each day, communicate with someone you love. Just sending a text with a heartfelt message, or sending a photo that makes you smile, can give you a sense of wellbeing. Really look at the message or photo and take it in before you send it, so that you get the very best out of it, too.


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