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The Game

Action Indoor Cricket is a fast, dynamic, 8-a-side format, played within tension netted indoor pitches. The sport is enjoyed by over 1 million men, women and children worldwide.

The game is truly a participation game with matches lasting around 75 minutes and all players must bat, bowl and field. The nets keep the ball live at all times so you will touch the ball more as a fielder than in any other format of cricket.

Action Indoor Cricket is full of tense moments as each pair can earn a point for their team by beating the opposite pair. This additional pressure along with the ball having excess swing and spin makes for a difficult task with the bat, leading to lots of exciting moments in a game. The ball is a purposely designed super soft/ low impact indoor cricket ball. The court is usually 28m long, 10m wide and has a flat net roof 4m high.

Basic Rules

Each pair bats for 4 overs (called a skin) and all bowlers (including the keeper!) must bowl 2 overs each. On the point of delivery, the fielding team should have 4 players in the front half of the court and 4 players in the back half of the court. Bonus runs are only scored if the batters complete a run and hit the net. The front court side nets are worth +1, the back court side nets are worth +2, any side net plus the back net +3 and the back net +4 or +6 depending on if the ball hits the back net on the full. You can be caught out if the ball hits the side nets without bouncing first or normally or if you are bowled, although most outs will be run outs in this fast-paced fielding game. Wickets cost the team -5 but you remain at the crease for your 4 overs.

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