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Fran’s Food Challenge

Nutritionist, Fran Baldwin sets Action Indoor Cricket England a new cooking challenge. We have included both the challenge and the results below.

Missing your favourite restaurant dishes and not got the pennies for takeaway? Don’t worry, this week we are making our own!

Your challenge is to pick a dish from one of your favourite restaurants and recreate it at home. Remember to provide evidence in your squads group chat by 9pm Saturday for judging by @franbaldwinnutrition. Please

provide a photo of your dish and detail what the dish is you have based your creation on (dish name and restaurant name). Points will be awarded for: creativity, similarity to chosen dish, presentation and nutritional quality. Extra points if you cook for or involve loved ones!


After much deliberation and some very tight scoring, medallists are:

🥉Prawn and Cashew Stir Fry by Sophie Bennett

Joint 🥈 Unsloppy Sloppy Vegan Burger + Onion Rings by Malorie Bartsoh Short and Jess Ward homemade nandos chicken flatbread and sweet potato fries

🥇Thai Green Curry by Niki Patel


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