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In 2018 the Action Indoor Cricket England, 15 and under squad ventured to Christchurch New Zealand to take part in the Junior World Series. The side was captained by Matthew Gallear and had Mitchell Wagstaff as the vice captain, these two players had an abundance of Indoor Cricket experience compared to the rest of the squad, but nevertheless the team used the experience of the tour to learn and absorb as much of the indoor game as possible. Eventually they narrowly lost to Australia and South Africa in the group stages, leaving them at the bottom of the table. The squad then took to the rest of the tournament to help out the rest of the AICE squads in supporting them along their World Cup campaigns. With having used this amazing opportunity as a learning experience as well as going through the Elite Performance Programme process, many players can now go into the 2023 World Cup in Australia with a elevated confidence of the game at the international level and have aspirations of winning the tournament. 

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